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We can help you open your business in the United States and get work permits through your company and immigration laws.

In addition to forming business entities in the United States, we can quickly establish corporations and other entities in Mexico and other countries. We work with an extensive network of highly qualified lawyers to coordinate all legal aspects, from the creation of the company, to the company being in operation.  We ensure that you receive the appropriate tax opinions from tax experts in whatever country the company is to be formed.

By taking your company Public, you can raise the necessary capital that you need.

US Stock Exchanges for companies based in other countries


You need a SERIOUS firm to help you!

Raising money is complicated and not all firms understand the complexities involved in legally raising capital. If not done correctly, you could end up in prison!


Our firm has those that can assist with the regulations and with the system.

We can help you!  

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Export / Import Agents

GCI Agents assist domestic and foreign businesses in selling their products or purchasing products in various countries.  Our Agents connect companies to the international marketplace for successful sales.

GCI is an intermediary between the Supplier and the Buyer. The payment method will be by sales commission. In other words, we only get paid, upon successful transactions.

Some of our logistical companies and lenders can provide financing options to clients who have need of capital.  It is just one part of our team. We can also provide corporate attorneys for those difficult contractual agreements involving escrow or other high finance necessities.


GoldShire Consulting, Inc. (GCI) is a Texas based Corporation dedicated to assisting businesses succeed WORLDWIDE. With its expert personnel with decades of experience, we can help you in just about every phase of your business.  Whether you are a startup or a company wanting to expand your horizons or areas, we can help.


GCI, offers support in the initial stages of your 'start up" by assisting in the creation of your legal entity (LLC or Inc), and assisting in obtaining the financial resources for your endeavors.

GCI also offers assistance to established companies to ensure the greatest probability of growth and expansion.

Medical supplies 

GCI has international presence and trading partners throughout the world. It boasts a wide array of medical supplies and equipment.

70% Alcohol on SALE !

GCI has partnership with Wellness lab llc have manufactured and distributed Alcohol and Sanitizer  

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